Once upon a time there was a Meg…that’s me. Then, some time later, came a Monroe…or Roe. Roe is my business partner in this whole “business” thing and, to be honest, she’s literally the worst at business ever. Examples. She’s yet to return a single email. I’ve never seen her edit a picture. She spills her juice everywhere. She can’t figure out PayPal for the life of her. Sometimes she pees her pants. Do I need more examples? What she does bring to the table is adorableness and inspiration. And, since she’s not even 3 years old, I’ll take it.

How Meg and Roe Photography started… 

I grew up a rather creative kid. I loved art, I loved projects, I loved to create. When I moved to NYC after high school, I did a little modeling and acting…and the only good thing I can say about that is, I realized how much I love fashion and styling and I have a lot of experience in front of the camera…aka I know how awkward it is sometimes. I did a little stylist freelancing and found my style, but also learned how to style for people who have a different taste than me. I loved styling in NY and how readily available fashion and culture were…but it wasn’t enough to keep me. 

*insert series of blah years here that ended in me moving to Marshfield, MA* 

Enter Roe. I was 31 when I had that little monkey and she’s magical. She’s funny, sweet, a little devious, a little sarcastic and she tells me I’m “dee best mama in the whole wide world” numerous times a day…seriously couldn’t love her any more. But let’s just say staying home with her for the first few months was challenging for someone like me. (I’m a talker) Let’s also just say her lack of conversational skills mixed with my sarcasm made for long days sometimes.


So I took pictures and did crafts.

An insane amount of crafts. And when my family couldn’t hear about yarn and fabric anymore, I started a blog. No, that blog never saw the light of day, but it did lead to the point we’re at now…running a fairly successful (who even defines successful?) photography business that we love. 

Ya see, the blog was about DIY crafts and all creative projects like weaving, fabric crafts, painting, home decor, kids crafts…etc. It was called Meg and Roe Creative. I decided I needed better photos of my “masterpieces” and got a camera. If you know me, you know it didn’t take long for the following to happen. I’d say it took about 2.7 hours for me to get obsessive and decide I’m a photographer. And so, Meg and Roe Creative got a new category. 

It wasn’t long until photography took over the site and I began to take clients. I really actually just got lucky with that first job and it went from there. I’ve been very fortunate in that way and can’t thank those who have helped make whatever I have now. 

I love working with people

...and I’ve heard I’m very easy to work with. I don’t sweat the small stuff…we can plan it out all we want, but that 2 year old don’t give a hoot what that Pinterest board you’ve made says is next. I try to use all my crafts and props to make the best photo possible, but I’m always down to do a simple shot. I’m very easy going…if you have your heart set on something, I’ll set my heart on it too and hope the flow goes there. Mostly, I like to capture the real moments.

Not the smile, but the laughter. 


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